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Welcome baby

Thanks to this augmented reality application, your family will be able to see your baby's growth process..
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welcome baby t-shirt

Would you like to know how your baby is growing??

Available for iOS and Android devices.
Image certified by anatomical specialists.
Selection from 4 to 40 weeks of gestation.
Configurable for 3 different belly sizes.
Weekly information about the baby's development, approximate weight and measurements and recommended medical tests.
Available in Spanish and English.
Primary 6⁰ pupils have used augmented reality to deepen their learning in Natural Sciences on the topic of reproduction. Thanks to these materials we have been able to see in more detail the development of the foetus during the 40 weeks and its characteristics. The students have enjoyed and learnt with these new tools.
Colegio Santa Cruz
It is very cool to enjoy it and to discover as a family the little person that is being formed and how he/she is doing week by week.
Mamá y divulgadora de maternidad y juegos (@mamipuchupeti)
It's great. Sharing these experiences is unique. A very nice experience that thanks to technological advances we can live. The fabric is very soft and the design is adorable. It's a way of involving older siblings - we've been very excited!
Peques y mamis
Blog de maternidad
New toy to work on reproduction - is there anything more beautiful than watching a simulation of how a human being is created?
Maestra de primaria
A super high-tech t-shirt for pregnant women. Super special. It fascinates me. Incredibly beautiful. Our daughter super excited with daddy. Unique moments.
Madre y bloguera (@madrededosdragonas)
We loved trying out this "magic" t-shirt from Body planet. A unique experience to increase the bond with your baby. Don't hesitate to try it. It is exciting.
Mis matronas
Embarazo y postparto
It will make you live moments of emotion in family, you will be able to see how your little one grows from the beginning to week 40. Plus, if there are more children at home, they can imagine and learn how their little brother or sister changes every week. I think this T-shirt is amazing.
Lorena Franco
Emprendedora y mamá
How many times I have been asked during these months, when companions were not allowed in the echoes, if they could also see the baby. A way for the little ones to understand a little more about this process that for them becomes a little abstract, as they say.... A picture is worth a thousand words.
Maestra de Infantil y madre
Mums and mums-to-be, you're going to be amazed. It's incredible, you have to see it. It's like a virtual ultrasound.
Patry Nozit
Madre y bloguera
For nine months, the pregnant woman and her family and friends will be able to meet the baby and strengthen the maternal-fetal bonds to get excited and thrilled about the arrival of the new member of the family. A unique opportunity to give a very special and memorable gift to prepare for the baby's arrival with great excitement.
Sonia Esser
Maestra y creadora de “Mundo de Rukkia”