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Baby cards

Discover the secrets of the birth of a baby a través de la realidad aumentada con las cartas educativas.
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Educational cards to know the human reproduction

The Baby cards application works with cartas educativas de realidad aumentada with which the youngest members of the family can discover the exciting adventure of the formation of a new being.

The secrets of birth, through the augmented reality

Now you can test our application with this demo card..

Download the application on your cell phone, use the camera pointing at the chart and discover its animations in augmented reality.

If you prefer, you can buy them in phisical material.The pack includes 12 cards printed in full colour with an excellent finish.

And now with the purchase of the cards we give you an interactive poster!

Cartas educativas para download and print

You also have the possibility to download the cards and print them on your home printer.

Is there a charge for downloading?

Descargarse las cartas educativas es totalmente gratuito. Si quieres usarlas con la aplicación tendrás que pagar la licencia desde la aplicación.

What is the advantage of buying them?

Apart from having them printed in high quality, you will receive a free gamified poster. You can also use them with the application without paying anything for any of them as they come with a licence code.

Can I buy cards separately?

Las cartas educativas solo se venden en conjunto. Si las descargas para imprimir tendrás que pagar posteriormente la licencia de todas ellas.


Baby cards in the classroom

Our application helps teachers to explain the function of reproduction, fetal growth or the menstrual cycle in the classroom. A tool with anatomical rigor and visually stunning, thanks to augmented reality.

If you are interested in learning more about Baby cards for your school, please contact us.
Texts in Spanish and English
Includes access to Baby cards poster
Special discounts
Connect with digital whiteboards