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Body cards

Tarjetas educativas para aprender los secrets of the human body, a través de realidad aumentada, para los peques más curiosos.
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Body cards
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 Educational cards to learn about the human body

The Body cards application works with augmented reality cards with which the youngest members of the household can discover the secrets of the human body.

Todos los secretos del cuerpo humano con las tarjetas educativas en augmented reality

Now you can test our application with this demo card..

Download the app on your mobile phone, use the camera to point it at the card and discover its secrets in augmented reality.

If you prefer, you can buy them in phisical material.The pack includes 11 cards printed in full colour with an excellent finish.

Cards to download and print

You also have the possibility to download the cards and print them on your home printer.

Is there a cost for downloading?

Downloading the cards is completely free of charge. If you want to use them with the application you will have to pay the licence fee from within the application.

What is the advantage of buying them?

Apart from having them printed in high quality, you will be able to use them with the application without paying anything for any of them, as they come with a licence code.

Can I buy cards separately?

The cards are only sold as a set. If you download them to print, you will have to pay a licence fee for all of them afterwards.


This is how Body cards

It is as simple as installing the application on your phone or tablet and using it by pointing the device's camera at each of the cards.

Download our application and try the demo card with your children for free.

Descarga app androiddescarga app iphone

Body cards in the classroom

Our Body cards are helping many teachers to carry out augmented reality activities in their schools, enhancing learning in a more didactic way.

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If you are interested in finding out more about Body cards for your school, please contact us.
Texts in Spanish, English, French and German.
Compatible with Amparo doll
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To explain, I always need visual support. I think it is essential for students to understand what they are studying. Thanks to Body Planet's Body Cards AR+, we are going to enhance the visual learning of anatomy in 3rd ESO and 1st Baccalaureate.
Cristina Flores
Profesora de Biología y creadora de “BioESOsfera”
Isn't it great? Plus, it's a Spanish company, so I'm doubly proud. Mind-blowing. Augmented reality is already the present in the classroom. It's brutal.
Sara López
Maestra de Primaria y profesora de escape room (@adventuresinclass)
The use of AR in the classroom promotes meaningful learning. I love Body cards.
Docentes decentes
Web de recursos educativos
Augmented reality has allowed us to see the concepts and organs of our body more clearly, thanks to the Body planet cards.
Nieves Fernández
Maestra y PT
My personal rating very positive: Easy to transport. Works without wifi/data. Reads cards very well (some AR material is difficult for the device to see, but this is not the case).
Josune Rodríguez
Maestra Educación Física (@lamagiadelaef)
Welcome to augmented reality - welcome to the 21st century!
Francis Lam
Maestra PT y madre (@didactilam)
Sincerely, 100 percent recommendable. The cards are great.
David Montejano
maestro, psicopedagogo, impulsor de “Docentes creando”
These Augmented Reality cards from Body Planet bring all the secrets of the human body to our students. They do it in a unique and very attractive way, through Augmented Reality and many animations full of content. The way to use them is very simple. Download the application, focus on the card you want and enjoy and learn.
Manu Velasco
Maestro, experto en TIC y creador de “Ayuda para maestros”