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Planet cards

A journey through space with augmented reality for the most curious children.
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planet cards

Educational cards to learn about the universe

The Planet cards application works with augmented reality cards with which the youngest members of the family can discover the secrets of the universe.
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All the secrets of the universe in augmented reality

Now you can test our application with this demo card..

Download the app on your mobile phone, use the camera to point it at the card and discover its secrets in augmented reality.

If you prefer, you can buy them in phisical material.The pack includes 13 cartas printed in full colour with an excellent finish.

And now with the purchase of the cards you get a free gamified poster!

Cards to download and print

You also have the possibility to download the cards and print them on your home printer.

Is there a charge for downloading?

Downloading the cards is completely free of charge. If you want to use them with the application you will have to pay the licence fee from within the application.

What is the advantage of buying them?

Apart from having them printed in high quality, you will receive a free gamified poster. You can also use them with the application without paying anything for any of them as they come with a licence code.

Can I buy cards separately?

The cards are only sold as a set. If you download them to print, you will have to pay a licence fee for all of them afterwards.


Planet cards in the classroom

Our apps are helping many teachers to implement augmented reality activities in their schools. A new way of learning through play.

Si te interesa saber más acerca de Planet cards para tu colegio ponte en contacto con nosotros.
Texts in Spanish and English
Includes access to the Planet cards challenge
Special discounts
Connect with digital whiteboards
The students I have used them with have really enjoyed them, seeing what is in our universe in a "real" way is a necessary approach that motivates them (they play with surprise), teaches them in a realistic way the content to be worked on, motivates them, they learn through the good use of new technologies... and the result is more than satisfactory.

Teamwork, research, curiosity, interdisciplinary (knowing how to relate areas)... which is really fascinating for children (and adults love it too, let's not lose our inner childhood).
Irene Alegría
Maestra psicopedagoga
New product to discover all the enigmas of the universe visually through augmented reality. They are very worthwhile.
Cristina Alonso
Maestra, PT y mamá (@entretizasyceras)
How cool! It's a great way to teach about the planets, space, the movements of the earth...
María Jiménez
Educadora infantil (@Creakiids)
A spectacular resource that has come to our classroom to stay. They love being able to visualise the planets and the universe in this original way.
Ginés Ciudad Real
Licenciado en Química, coordinador Tic y creador de “Orientación Andújar”
It is a product that has a very strong educational component, very interesting. I like them a lot.
Julia Iriarte
Psicóloga, formadora en ABJ y creadora de “Bebé a Mordor”
This is from another galaxy! 
Easy to use for ages 8 and up, younger children will need help from an adult.
Quality of the images.
Interesting content and close to the students.
The programme works very well; it doesn't get stuck.
Noelia Castillo
Maestra (@miaula2.0)
The new Body planet is amazing, amazing! I love these kinds of resources and so do my students.
Pedro Solís
Maestro y bloguero (Blog de un maestro)
If you want to be amazed, don't miss the new cards that have been released in Body planet. Brutal! Ideal for working on the planets, rotation and translation movements, the layers of the earth, life in space, the phases of the moon... I think it's an ideal gift. What could be better than learning in this way, in an interactive and experiential way. You have outdone yourselves, Body planet.
Berta Madrid
maestra PT y psicopedagoga (@maestraespecial)
Body planet has done it again. It has created these AR cards, Planet cards, so that we can bring the magic to the classroom and merge fun with learning. You're going to love them.
Fernando Boillos
profesor especialista en gamificación, RA y RV