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A interactive doll created to facilitate learning about the human body in schools.
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amparo la muñeca interactiva

How does the interactive doll work?

Amparo offers several ways to interact with her. Decide which one best suits the needs of your educational programme.

Interaction with the doll

Younger children can use the doll to place the pieces of each of the body parts.

Interaction between parts and doll

The parts placed on the wrist show the real appearance of the organs when you point your phone or tablet with the app installed.

Interaction with parts

If we place the pieces on the table, they offer more complete content, animations and buttons for working in small groups.
Nuestra muñeca Amparo en acción
Un ejemplo del sistema nervioso
amparo completa

Discover all the parts that make up Amparo

amparo cabeza
On the doll: the brain. Presentation of the nervous system.

On the table: Dissection of the brain. Animation of the nerve impulse. Enlargement of the neuron. The nerve network, the spinal cord and the brain. The basic organisation of the nervous system (central and peripheral). The parts of the neuron.
amparo circulatorio
On the doll: Animation of the heart, with heartbeat, and nearby organs. Presentation of the circulatory system.

On the table: Animation of the blood vessels. Enlarged section of the heart with blood flow between the chambers. Animation of the major and minor circulation. Identification of the parts.
amparo sentidos
On the doll: Anatomy of the eye.

On the table: Sense of sight: Anatomy and physiology of the eye. Dissection and identification of parts. Sense of hearing: anatomy and physiology. Animation of the functioning of the ear. Outer ear, middle ear and inner ear.
amparo respiratorio
On the doll: Lungs, diaphragm and ribs in motion. Presentation of the respiratory system.

On the table: Anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system. The process of respiration. Dissection of the lung and branching of the bronchioles. Enlargement of the bronchiole.
amparo urinario
On the doll: Anatomy of the kidney. Presentation of the excretory apparatus.

On the table: Anatomy and physiology of the kidneys. Dissection of the kidney, including the process of urine formation. Enlargement of the nephron. Identification of the parts of the urinary system.
amparo digestivo
On the doll: Anatomy of the digestive system. Presentation.

On the table: Animation of the digestion process, with step-by-step identification. Anatomy and physiology: mouth, oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, liver and pancreas.
amparo reproductor
On the doll: Anatomy of the female reproductive system.

On the table: Animations of the male and female reproductive system. Enlargement of the egg and spermatozoon. Dissection of the spermatozoon. Anatomy and physiology: ovary, uterus, vulva, vagina, testes, vas deferens and penis.
amparo óseo
On the doll: Structure and presentation of the skeletal system.

On the table: Complete skeleton, with identification of each bone. Enlargement of the skull, hand and foot. Bone section.
amparo muscular
On the doll: System structure and functions.

On the table: Musculature in complete model, with identification of each muscle. Enlargement of cardiac muscle, smooth muscle and joint muscle tissue.

Try it out for free

Follow the steps below to see a demonstration of how Amparo works.
Download the application on your preferred device.
Print the doll's brain piece on a sheet of paper.
Point your mobile phone at the code printed on the paper.
Press “doll": look at the brain in detail.
Click on "loose parts": explore, section, enlarge...
Search for names and more information (English/Spanish).

Is your school interested??

Amparo has been designed to be used in schools, colleges and other educational centres.If you think your school might be interested, contact us and we will explain how you can obtain it.
I meet Amparo and I fall in love with her.
Elvi Pereira Santos
Maestra experta en TIC
We have met the Amparo doll, an augmented reality educational resource that our students would hallucinate with (I don't know if it's as much as we have hallucinated). It is incredible the amount of activities we can think of with her in Infant, Primary and Secondary education.
Learn for Fun
The most interesting from 4th grade onwards are the process animations. They explain and visualise processes that children have hitherto learned as an act of faith.
Jordi Martí Carmona
Maestro coordinador de Ciencias
In natural sciences, we got to know the inside of the human body thanks to Amparo and some "magic" T-shirts. What a fun day! The Primary children are studying the digestive system using the most innovative technologies and thanks to Amparo.
Colegio San Antonio de Padua
With "Amparo", the Body planet doll that we have at school, our Primary 1 pupils have been investigating the human body. They have seen it "on the inside" with 3D animations through the augmented reality application of this doll. What fun it is to learn like this!
Colegio Base
Not only the children were amazed, the teacher was even more so!
Noelia Cava
Maestra de Primaria y coordinadora TIC
It is interesting not only for the concepts, but also for the attitudes. It is very visual and creates an impact from the first seconds of the lesson; it attracts attention. The tool makes the children motivated and they enjoy the subject.
César Prieto
Director de Educación Primaria