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Magic t-shirt

The Camiseta de realidad aumentada que muestra el interior del cuerpo humano.
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Camiseta de realidad aumentada Magic T-Shirt Evo frontal

How the camiseta de realidad aumentada mágica

Once you have purchased the T-shirt, download the app for your phone or tablet and follow the instructions on the screen.

With the MAGIC T-SHIRT application your children can:
Explore the different systems of the human body separately: skeletal, muscular, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, urinary and lymphatic.
Know the names of each organ by simply pointing the device's camera.
Capture photos for saving or sharing.
Use it in different languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Serbo-Croatian, Basque or Catalan.

Educación con la camiseta de augmented reality

Download the application

Once you have your T-shirt, download the app on your mobile or tablet.

Looking for an assistant

Ask a friend or family member to wear the T-shirt to help you.

Aim with your device

Open the app and point your phone or tablet at the T-shirt.

In detail 

You can hide or show the different parts of the body for a better view.

Become an expert

Discover each of our body's organs and learn their names

Change position

It's time for your assistant to take your place. Leave your device and put on your T-shirt.

It's a great shirt. It looks great.
José Martín Aguado
Profesor y tutor de adolescentes
It is a resource that I love and that has a lot of possibilities in the classroom. We can see different systems of our body on a more or less real scale, so it is a wonderful resource.
Carol Calvo
Maestra de Infantil, NEE y Atención Temprana
They all loved it and it was a great way to review the unit.
Colegio Alborán
Marbella, Málaga
The Body planet team held a workshop with their augmented reality magic t-shirts. An unforgettable experience that made every student want to take the t-shirt home and continue playing and learning with the application.
Colegio Santa Cruz
Very surprised with the Body planet proposal, awarded at Simo Educación.
Mertxe J. Badiola
Divulgadora de TIC educativas
Fantastic application to learn anatomy in a 100% practical and very, very attractive way.
Álvaro Varona
Experto en apps infantiles y creador de “Generación Apps”
Something amazing: a T-shirt with augmented reality to learn about the human body with a cool app. It's called Body planet and it had them fascinated for a while. Those t-shirts are really magical.
Dácil Muñoz Porta
Madre y bloguera (Blog de una madre desesperada)
The possibilities of Augmented Reality are spectacular. Thank you for being pioneers and launching this project. With your efforts you will surely achieve a greater use of this technology in education.
Puentes Digitales
Blog sobre transformación digital
It is, without a doubt, a great example of good use of augmented reality in education.
Pablo Lobato Villagrá
biólogo, profesor y editor de productos educativos
Body planet's augmented reality allows you to hear great phrases such as: "I thought the heart was shaped like a heart" or "People have a good cocoa inside". Excitement and learning".
José Pascual Castaño
Maestro de Primaria
Today we used the T-shirt in a qualification course with adults with learning difficulties (all participants are employed in the workshop for disabled people). They all had fun and immediately wanted a photo with a T-shirt. As we will offer more workshops on the topic of body awareness in the future, the T-shirt is well used.
Reinhard Burtscher
profesor de Pedagogía Terapéutica en la Universidad Católica de Ciencias Sociales de Berlín (KHSB)
The Body planet t-shirt is really cool. I liked the idea, with the augmented reality.
Rosa Liarte
Profesora, conferenciante, bloguera