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Interactive applications for learning while having fun 


Baby cards

Meet our new baraja de cartas.
Descubre los secretos del nacimiento, el embarazo y la formación de un bebé.
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EVO Magic T-shirt

La evolución de la camiseta mágica, ahora interactiva por las dos caras. Con más contenido, para profundizar en el conocimiento del cuerpo humano y aprender a mantenerlo sano.
Más detalle, más diversión.
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Planet cards

Discover the great enigmas of space with your children. Travel through the galaxies with the animations of 13 cards, the interactive poster and the app. The whole universe on your screen.
Soñarán con ser astronautas.
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Body cards

All the secrets of the human body, now in your hand. The most comfortable way to learn Anatomy, in a striking way, with a deck of 11 cards and an app.
Fully interactive.
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Magic T-shirt

The magic T-shirt that lets you see inside your body as if you had an X-ray superpower in your eyes. Find out what you look like, explore the systems and play with your friends.
Learn in and out of the classroom.
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Amparo, the great success in the science classrooms of all schools.

Thanks to augmented reality, pupils can learn the parts of the body in an interactive way.

Want to know how it works?

Body Planet in the classroom

Our apps are helping many teachers to implement augmented reality activities in their schools.
A different way of learning.

Si te interesa saber más acerca de Body planet para tu centro, ponte en contacto con nosotros.
Texts in Spanish and English
Recommended from 4 years old
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Our award-winning educational materials

Several of our applications have received awards for the innovation they bring to learning
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